SpyAgent Spy Software

SpyAgent is the most popular computer spy software in the world. After installing it, you are able to monitor whatever a user is doing. The software operates in a stealth mode, so the user will not even know they are being watched. By trying out the SpyAgent’s 30-minute free session, you gain access to all the software’s features.

With SpyAgent, you can track a user’s web activity, filter content or implement a lockdown schedule so the kids can’t use the computer during specific times. Also, if you have a business and want to monitor what employees are doing on your company provided work computers, then SpyAgent gives you that capability. The SpyAgent spy software is your one stop shop for all your computer monitoring needs.

SpyAgent’s free 30-minute session gives you a preview of everything it provides. With its stealth operation and full featured trial capability, you’ll get to try everything before you buy it.

The features SpyAgent has to offer are unmatched to anything else in the market. You can log anything with the key logger including passwords. You can see what files were downloaded in any given session with a specific user. Even if you want to know who they were chatting with and what they were saying, the SpyAgent monitoring software provides that and much more.

Here is a short list of some of SpyAgent’s great features:

  • Keystroke Logging – The software logs keystrokes and passwords which are captured for easy viewing.
  • Monitor Emails Sent and Received – Easily logs and displays all emails sent and received by those who are using the SpyAgent enabled computer.
  • Events Timeline Logging – All logged events appear in a timeline in chronological, easy to view orders.
  • Internet Chat Conversations – Logs both sides of the conversation so you know everything that is said.
  • Website Activity – Websites, online searches, time of visits and how long a user is active on a web page will be logged, too.

spyagent spy software

That is just to name a few and there is so much more with this feature packed monitor software.

Using SpyAgent is easy and provides peace of mind. It installs in less than a minute and has an easy configuration set-up. There’s also an easy-to-use interface that makes the program a breeze to navigate. You can also search and cross-reference the logged data by entering keywords.

If you’re in a hurry and just need a quick view, then SpyAgent provides an overview of the activities that were logged. Additionally, you can rest assured that with SpyAgent you can make your kid’s online activities safer. You can also prevent employees from abusing their work-computer privileges. With this easy-to-use resourceful and powerful software tool you’ll be able to know what’s going on.

Now when it comes to making sure employees aren’t abusing company time or maybe you want to make sure the kids aren’t doing what they shouldn’t, then SpyAgent is your answer. So be sure to try out their 30-minute free monitoring session to see all the great features it can offer you.